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In my own words...

He has engaged in humour cartoon since 1970.
He published his pictures in several periodicals, illustrated folding picture books for children and several cartoon humour books.
He won several awards at home and abroad in particular (Italy, Brazil, Japan, Germany, etc.)
His pieces of work are in the possession of several galleries abroad dealing with caricature and humour cartoon.

He made an original Slovak record in summer 2007 at Colonnade Bridge in Piešťany,
where he sketched 54 cartoons in 60 minutes, which is recorded also in the Book of Slovak Records.

Vladimír Pavlík, an excellent cartoonist, the holder of hitherto unsurpassed
(and hardly surpassable) Slovak record in caricature fast drawing,
has devoted himself to this genre for several decades. He has created his own, unmistakeable style.
His humour is kind, refreshing, non-violent and easily understandable.
It is the moisture (humour - moisture) enabling the joy buried in our hearts to sprout again and to flourish in a spontaneous smile.

Since now you must visit Vladimír Pavlík work exhibitions without a mask and you may - smile.
Perhaps, you cannot do that in other way while looking at the serious humour of this graphic artist.

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